Welcome to the Central Schools Trust (CST).

Balsall Common Primary School Academy is the lead school within the CST.

In August 2016, Balsall Common Primary School Academy became the lead sponsor school for Damson Wood Nursery and Infants School Academy, and the Central Schools Trust was formed.

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Ensuring enjoyment of learning and high educational standards are key priorities for both schools. Working collaboratively is essential to ensuring that these priorities are sustained. Schools within the trust are better placed to work in this way; expertise is shared; strategic leadership is enhanced; resources are better utilised.

The trust is overseen by a Trust Board of directors and each school has its own local governing body. We firmly believe that each school should retain its individual identity and should be able to respond to the specific needs of the children and community.

As a result, both schools have retained their own websites, and information specific to each school can be found by following the links below. Policies and documentation which are common across the trust can be found on this website under the Trust Policies tab above.

Welcome to the trust and I look forward to welcoming your children into the Central Schools Trust.

Graeme Burgess
Chief Executive Officer